I just wanted to drop everyone a line and say Happy Thursday! (It is Thursday today, right? RIGHT?? Oh my.) I’m currently in the midst of packing to move up the road to a house that my wonderful hubby and I are renting, and I’m still working both jobs, which means that life is just nutty right now. But it’s also so exciting! I just scheduled some new engagement sessions, passed out my business card to a total stranger in WalMart last night – she might even be reading this post today (she’ll look beautiful in her wedding gown, and I’m hoping I get the chance to photograph her perfect fall day … with orange bridesmaids dresses? I vote yes!), and I’m also in the midst of learning web code and whatnot (a whole new language, let me tell ya!). Yet through all the craziness, I’m just excited at the prospects of what life has to bring today! So here we go. Have a fantabulous day!

p.s. I’m still planning on posting pics of the new place – I’m just waiting til we’re actually in the house. Until then, stand by for a sneak peek coming Friday or Saturday from what will be a very sweet photo shoot tomorrow with some very awesome, drug-free, essay-winning high school students. More to come on that later.


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