Welcome to the New Year!

It’s a been a while since my last post. But what can I say? I took a wonderful holiday vacation (just like most of you, I hope!) The days were filled with family, food, sledding, food, games, food, gifts, and food. I have to be honest and say that I had a fork in my hand more than I had my camera or computer out. It was a much-needed respite from the norm. But, up until now, I had no idea what my next post should be. So, here are the top three topics I decided to write about.

Over the holidays, many of you probably encountered some major life changes. I know I found out I’m going to be an Aunt again! This makes #5, and I’m SO EXCITED for Joe and Emily as they have their first child! We’ve already set up their first family photo shoot to take place during her 8th month, and I can’t wait. If any of you recently found out you’re going to be a mommy or daddy – or a husband or wifey – it’d be my honor to photograph you as well!! Email me to schedule a time to talk through whatever exciting news you now have to tell the world! sbrownphotography@gmail.com.

I also thought about commenting on how I’ve started knitting again. I’m trying to learn new techniques and successfully knit something other than a scarf. Baby blanket, maybe? To help with that, I joined the Facebook group Knit Wits – started by my mom. Check it out to see what others are knitting and how they’re knitting it!)

Lastly, I thought about a “New Year’s Goals” post. (I don’t care for New Year’s Resolutions. They’re so … open-ended. But goals. They have to be attainable. Reasonable. Planned. I like goals. My goal for this year is to train for my second 25K. The River Bank Run in Grand Rapids. My husband, 2 of his siblings, and their spouses are all in on it, and I AM PUMPED! This was my first official week of training, and i can honestly say that I’ve never been so excited to train for a race before. I’m not sure what’s different this time. Maybe it’s the mountains of Virginia that I get to train in, or maybe it’s the simple reason that my running shoes have been calling my name for quite sometime now. Regardless, let me know if any of you want to train with us! I’d be happy to send you the schedule and even go on a few runs with you!

So, there it is. I’m excited for what this new year wil bring, and I hope you are too. And I’m serious about wanting to photograph your 2011 family or upcoming wedding … and I’m very serious about going on a run with you. HAPPY 2011!


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