Bonding With My Kitchen

I love to cook. When I’m not behind my camera, on my computer, or with my husband, I’m in the kitchen baking, cooking, and usually experimenting. It’s my own life-sized chemistry set, and I love it!

And I’m totally pumped because tomorrow we’re having some new friends over for dinner, which means two things: 1, I get to make a Brown family favorite for some new people, and 2, today was prep work. Peel the potatoes, make the rub for the ribs, and clean up a little. I enjoyed my detox time, and hopefully, so will everyone else!

And here’s a view of my teeny, tiny (though I prefer “cozy”) kitchen. *sigh* I dream of the day when more than one person can fit in my space. And of the day when we get a new tea pot- this one is as clean as it gets!


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