Bridal Preparations

In my experience, brides always want photos of the whole process before that special moment when they walk down the aisle. The makeup, the cloud of hairspray, those moments when it’s just the girls. So, here it is. A dedication to the chaos … and the calm … before the big “I do.”

We’ll start with one of my great friends, Amy Masterson – now Amy Lurker. Amy and I were joined-at-the-hip twins all through college. Both design majors, we took every single class together, worked on projects together, and just hung out. I was not the official photographer for this wedding, just the official pre-wedding photographer, and what an honor to get to photograph these moments, then partake in the wedding as a guest. It was perfect!

The next two weddings you’ll see are both my cousins. Amanda Porter (now Amanda Carlyle) in Athens, Ohio, and Kristen Culp (now Kristen Krausman) in Newell, Iowa – both fabulous women; I’m honored to call them “cousins,” and I’m particularly honored to have photographed their weddings!

Michelle Boudreau’s – now Michelle Samuelsen – was the first official wedding I photographed, and it was the deciding event that lead to my “official photographer” title. She’s a dear friend, her wedding was beautiful, and I’m thrilled I was a part of it!

Rebecca Grafton (Rebecca DeBoer) had a beautiful wedding! I was added as a photographer roughly two days before her wedding when the main photographer, sadly, broke his collar bone. She was extremely accommodating, and even commented on how glad she was to have a female photographer there while she was getting ready.


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