Family Beach Photos

This last weekend, I got to go on my first ever Brown Family Vacation. And it was perfect timing- it fell right in line with our 3rd anniversary.

Location: Top Sail Island, NC in an ocean-front house

It was the perfect location to take some family photos – the whole family. It was quite the trick to be in the photograph AND part of the family, though. All but one of these photos had to be pieced together since I couldn’t get enough shots to get that “perfect” one. I think they turned out alright, though!

I was also able to shoot Phil (my bro-in-law), Steph (sis-in-law), and their kids. They were great! Though by that time, the kids were all worn out from smiling for the other shots, so we let them play … we can shoot them while they’re playing, right?

And the sisters had to jump in on the action and get some shots, too! Another fun one to shoot and be in. I’m pleased with how they turned out, though.

And, of course, there were all the ocean critters we saw over the weekend, including jellyfish, sting rays, dolphins (throwing jellyfish), and a shark. You’ll read more about that later.

Joe (my bro-in-law) and my husband, Tyler, went fishing. Joe caught quite a few fish. Tyler caught a shark, as only he would do. Somehow, critters just sort of flock to him. It’s the Disney Factor.


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